On her high school image: “I was a huge nerd. I had giant curly hair-like if I was a cartoon character, I probably would have a huge triangle drawn for my head. I was painfully awkward, and I was valedictorian but I was also voted funniest girl because I think I just ingratiated myself into every group by being funny.”


“I tested for Gossip Girl. I wanted to be in it so badly, I thought at the time it was the end of the world.”

I’ve never met any other Troians. I’ve only been told of them.  I came really close. One of my best friends in elementary school went to a different school. Her math teacher heard about my name, and she was going to name her kid that. I remember this whole week where I was freaking out that there was going to be another Troian in the world.

Chloe Grace Moretz Photographed by Frank W. Ockenfels on Oct. 4 for The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Masters of Horror’ List

Kristen Stewart inside the Met’s Costume Institute Gala (2012)